Self Alarm Baby Multi Grip Tag vG-AT504

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Product Description

vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM Family -Alarm wrap tag T149 has been developed for protecting multiple sizes of packaged merchandise, it is easily adjustable to fit a variety of products and will activate all proprietary AM&RF EAS systems. Multi Grip Family can be widely applied to protect merchandise packed in box or case

Alarm wrap tag T149 ——MULTI ALARM TECHNOLOGY

ALARM 1&3 : If the armed multi grip is taken into the system will trigger system alarming as well as self alarming.

ALARM 2: Anti tamper, the multi grip will alarm If the wire is cut or tampered with.

Alarm wrap tag T149 Features:

● Multi Alarm Technology

● Visual deterrent

● Easy to operate

● Complete variety of specifications

Patent Application No. PCT/IB2005/003983

US Application No. US 11/989,809

UK patent No. 2443569

European Application No. 05824974.9


vGuard's Alarm Wrap Tag Family Specification

Alarm wrap tag Code Frequency Color Size Layard lenth Alarm volume battery live
Alarm wrap tag T136 8.2MHz, 58KHz Black,Grey or customized Φ45mm (Φ1.77") 25.4cm 95dB 3 years
Alarm wrap tag T504 8.2MHz, 58KHz Φ45mm (Φ1.77") 25.4cm 95dB 3 years
Alarm wrap tag T504/D 8.2MHz, 58KHz Φ45mm (Φ1.77") 64 95dB 3 years
Alarm wrap tag T085 8.2MHz, 58KHz Φ73mm (Φ2.87") 80, 90, 120 95dB 3 years
Alarm wrap tag T090/B 8.2MHz, 58KHz Φ73mm (Φ2.87") 80, 90, 120 95dB 3 years
Alarm wrap tag T149 8.2MHz, 58KHz Φ45mm (Φ1.77") 64cm 95dB 3 years

vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM Family -names:Spider Tag/Wrap Electronic Tag/ Box guard

The vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM Family is a wrapper that protects merchandise of varying sizes. The self-adjusting mechanism keeps the lanyards from becoming twisted, and the alarm sounds if a lanyard is cut. Also, the integrated EAS technology will initiate systems alarm at store entries and exits

A Smart Battery The specially engineered and patent pending The vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM AT Family is designed with extended battery life in mind. The battery is in use only when the alarm is activated, and automatically off when unlocked. This auto on/off design protects high-value, hard to secure boxed shelf items longer than any other tag on the market. Dual Alarming Technology One Box Guard Fits All

The vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM Family Fits All
Extended length lanyards are retractable to! Battery Off When Unlocked locks on all shelf box sizes, reducing store! Non-Twisting Lanyards inventory and drastically reducing handling! Alarms if Lanyards are Cut costs. With its aircraft grade cables! LCD and Audible Alarm
The vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM Family Advanced EAS Technology alarming mechanism, and built in EAS! Eliminates Product Lockdown One Size Fits All! Easy Application, Durable PC Construction! Reduces Labor Costs, Custom Colors Available

The vGuard's Alarm wrap tag TM Family *Minimum Quantities Required technology it is virtually impossible to defeat. The sleek design won't impede product graphics, but acts as a strong visual deterrent. In the unlikely event the lanyards are compromised, the alarm sounds, and the red LED blinks providing early detection. Available in either AM or RF technologies, this tag also activates industry standard EAS alarm systems.

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