Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks,Pegboard Hooks

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Product Description

The World's Leading Manufacturer of Display and Scan Hooks Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks,Pegboard Hooks

Display hooks can only display product and are without any provision for labels or signs. Scanning hooks have mounts for label and sign holders allowing the posting of product and promotional information. There are a wide variety of different label holder systems for Scan Hooks, each with its own benefits. Beyond basic Display and Scan Hooks are a host of specialty fixtures including J- hooks, Utility and Broom Hooks, Pin-up Hooks, Strip Merchandisers and more for wall and shelf edge product display.

The Specification the Retail Security Display Hooks vG-HK103

Display_hook_size Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103
Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103_16Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103_18Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103_20
  • 1,Item No: vG-HK103
  • 2,Application:Supermarket,store,shop,showroom, exhibition,digital shop,mobile phone shop,camera shop.
  • 3,Feature:secure,specialied,feasible and conveninet Factory low price and professional design.
  • 4.Material:Stainless steel with plastic.Surface finsh (Chrome plating or other)
  • 5.Welcome customer size.
  • 6.Machining processing:bending,welding,polishing,assembling.
  • 7.Exsiting size:Length230mm,Length250mm
  • 8. Every one hundred (or less) security display hook matching one magnetic key.

What is the security hook? What are the advantages?

security hook is dedicated to showcase some of the valuables and items not suitable for guests repeatedly Unpacking hand contact, mainly applied to digital products and Blister items, such as digital accessories, mouse, Bluetooth, ink, memorycard, linked to the theft of goods can achieve a good display of results, they can guard against theft, loss prevention, experiential marketing era and the birth of a new generation of products. Main advantage
  • 1, the assembly is convenient, easy to replace the goods, easy to operate, and by good, solid weight capacity.
  • 2, items on display neat appearance, at the same time ensure the safety of the goods of our customers to the display of goods at a glance.
  • 3, to better reflect the value of your products, customers can get a better vital experience while protecting the safety of the product.
  • 4, EAS hook can be linked to the site conservation area and the wall, while a 50% reduction in manpower costs.
  • 5, fully integrated into the design concept of the show and safety into account.

The Classification and application of the Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks

security hook under the tailgate of different and linked into can be broadly divided into the following four categories:
  • 1 double hook security hook, tailgate aluminum slot plate profiles (the most widely used, can also be referred to as the conventional security hook)
  • 2 security hook, folding tailgate aluminum slot board profiles
  • 3, the orifice plate burglar linked tailgate network-hole plate profiles
security hook is used to display mobile phone accessories and other items installed in slot board shelf or shelves above the square steel tubes usually used in open-shelf shop display, used in conjunction with the digital security alarm, both good open-shelf display effect can play a security not feel bound by a sense or do not fit to the guests brought guests went to the store without any sense of urgency to achieve a comfortable environment to experience the. Fashion design and generous, but also to improve the preferred grade shop, shop grade improved sales and prices naturally improved security hook is generally used to show: headset cell phone apply blister packaging products suitable for high-end stores.

The Names of of the Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks

Pusher Hook,Self-fowarding Anto-facing hooks,self-fowarding hooks,Anto-facing hooks,Spring-fed Pusher hook,Hanging display hook with product pusher system, Slatwall hook with product pusher system,Safety hook with product pusher system,Safety display hook with built-in pusher system,locking security hook with an in-built product pusher system,pegboardhook,slatwall hook.supermarket hooks, Anti-theft locking hook with integrated pusher , Store hooks with integrated pusher, exhibition hooks, shop hooks, metal hook,lock hooks

Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103_21Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103_14Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks vG-HK103_05

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