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Fighting against shoplifting is a daily battle for each manager of a store. Therefore vGuard tries to please its customers and develop new solutions for your problems.

For us, innovation is the best way to fight theft…

In the past, the detacher SUPER LOCK +7500 GAUSS had the occasion to prove its efficiency. The use of this product with a shell nail represented a good solution against shoplifting.

Unfortunately, dishonest people slowly found the way to counter fight this solution:

- By burning or heating the lock of the Shell tag.

- By using SUPER LOCK +7500 GAUSS detachers bought on the black market.

To avoid these people to act, vGuadd found the solution:

- A new shell tag, equipped with a stronger magnetic lock and fire cap which protects the nail to release whenever burned or heated at high temperature.

- This product is to be used with the new HYPER LOCK detacher +15000 GAUSS, non available on the Black market.

- HYPER LOCK detacher +15000 GAUSS can be used with all other tags.

If you are a victim of shoplifting, we can propose a tailored solution for you, which will be suitable for your products.

For more information about the EAS security systems, and Hyper Lock, do not hesitate to browse our product catalogue and contact our advisors.
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