Self-Alarming IR Tag System

Wave™ Reprogrammable Self-Alarming IR Tag System

Wave represents a new series of 58Khz Electronic Article Surveillance products centered around IR technology. Wave products significantly raise the bar in theft prevention by combining the ever popular ball clutch mechanism, 58Khz passive ferrites, and a new self alarming tag feature. Standard tags cause an alarm only when passed through an EAS system. However, if the tag is surreptitiously removed, then the article may leave the premises without setting off an alarm. Wave Tags can still be opened using superlock magnetic detachers. However, they include a unique feature that causes the tag to emit an audible alarm if it is opened without first being disarmed by the Wave Deactivator.

Magnetic Detacher with IR Deactivation for Ultimate Protection

The Wave Deactivator is a multipurpose flushmounted device that arms/disarms the Wave Tag with a coded IR signal. It also includes integrated magnetic detachers for opening the tags. Tags are armed and disarmed via convenient push buttons that activate the appropriate IR code. For added protection, Wave products are programmable so that each store may assign its own unique code to its tags. Wave is also tethered for the convenience of disarming tags attached to articles that cannot be placed on the counter top. Controlled Access Wave access is controlled even when the register is unmanned. The optional Data Cord module interfaces Wave to the POS register, where the user can enable/disable the deactivation function right from the register. Wave is a Green Product In keeping with environmental concerns, Wave is RoHS compliant and is also designed for low power consumption.
Features Features Self-Alarming IR Tag
♦ Microprocessor based for functional accuracy
♦ User defined IR code for optimum security
♦ Tampering causes tag to self-alarm
♦ Tag self-alarms if opened with a non-Wave detacher
♦ Tag self-alarms at EAS pedestal
♦ Pedestal alarms when tag is in its range
♦ Wave tags available in shell, pencil and lanyard versions
IR Transmitter Modulation Frequency: 38Khz
IR Wavelength: 940nm   Transmit Mode: Burst
Mode Regulatory: In Process Physical (LxWxH): (TBD)
Electrical Voltage: 12vdc Current: 1A Max
Environmental Ambient Temperature: 0-49º C (32-120º F)
Relative Humidity: 85% Non-condensing
Product Codes Wave Deactivator (TBD) Wave Tag (TBD).
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