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13-Dec-2011 - Product Update - iPhone Gripper and iPhone 4S

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vGuard is pleased to confirm that the iPhone Gripper is compatible with the latest iPhone handset, the iPhone 4S. All features of the product, such as the camera, flash, headphone sockets and volume buttons are accessible to the customer, whilst the product is secured in a lightweight, but strong polycarbonate mechanical security device connected to any of the vGuard alarm systems.

21-Nov-2011 - New Product - Tablet Stabiliser

Reduce rocking and increase stability of larger tablet devices secured and displayed using vGuard products

Tab Stabiliser1

The increased width and weight of tablet devices over mobile handsets mean that any slight rocking when the product is seated in the Cradle is exaggerated leading to the displayed tablet becoming unstable. The Tab Stabiliser is a lightweight, four legged device that sits behind the Cradle and provides extra stabilising support in both side to side and back and forth planes.

Tab Stabiliser2

The Tab Stabiliser can be used when using theLivePost or Cradle only* Display Option that utilises a HS MultiSensor or a standard MultiSensor connected to any of the vGuard merchandise security alarm systems.

Tab Stabiliser3

It can also be used when using the Tablet Gripper. - the adjustable mechanical security device for tablets. If the display already uses vGuard secure merchandise display solutions, it can easily be retro fitted into the existing display. Available colours are black and white.

31-Aug-2011 - Product News - Recoiler dynamic cable now features Kevlar strands

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Following continued product development and improvement, the dynamic cable of the Recoiler now features Kevlar strands. This increases tensile strength and cable durability.

19-May-2011 - New Product -Gripper for Tablets

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vGuard is proud to announce the launch of Gripper for Tablets, an adjustable mechanical security device for tablet PC displays. It is used with the MultiSensor or HS MultiSensor and the electronic security is provided by any of the alarm systems in the vGuard range, including Click i3 Livelink or Laser 16.. The Gripper is available in two versions depending on the width of the Tablet to be secured and is available in black and white. Features

  • Extra Security - the Gripper provides extra mechanical security to a Tablet device or eBook reader. Alarm security is provided via the vGuard alarm system.
  • Power - the Gripper can accommodate a charge lead to provide power to the product.
  • Adjustable - the Gripper can secure tablet PCs between 100mm and 200mm and 6mm to 15.5mm deep.
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive - Designed to be as lightweight, but secure as possible, the Gripper allows most of the functions of the Tablet PC to be experienced by the customer.
  • Display –the Gripper can be used with any of the vGuard Display Options including LivePost.
  • Interchangeable arms - The interchangeable arms mean that if the store changes their display to a larger tablet that requires a different version of the Gripper it can be changed without changing the whole Gripper. Common parts are retained and only the adjustable arms need to be changed - drastically reducing the cost of remerchandising.

07-Apr-2011 - New Product - HS MultiSensor

Flexible, metal conduit covered alarm cable with built in MultiSensor for securing and display products in high risk environments


For securing products in high risk environments, they can be extra secured with a HS MultiSensor - a flexible, conduit covered cable with MultiSensor instead of a Recoiler and Standard MultiSensor. The the length of the conduit visible to customers can be adjusted using a weight and clips. This also allows the HS MultiSensor to retract back into the display.

The HS MultSensor can be used with any of the alarm systems in the vGuard Range, and can be used with both the Cradle and LivePost. Display Options.

The HS MultiSensor retains all the features of a Standard MultiSensor including charging (requires i3 Livelink. or i3 Single. and Handset Specific Charge Lead and Charging Interface Kit (if required)) .


Click here to download a pdf of the HS MultiSensor Spec Sheet.

03-Dec-2010 - New Product - Illumatron

vGuard is proud to announce the launch of Illumatron - an intelligent morphing controller for illuminated LivePosts. Illumatron offers greater and easier control of the morphing Illumination when displaying products using Illuminated LivePosts.

26-Nov-2010 - iPhone Security - New Products

Gripper logo
iPhones are the hottest mobile handsets world wide right now and vGuard has developed new products enabling retailers to display them securely.

To display the iPhone 4 using i3 Livelink and a standard MultiSensor, vGuard has developed a new iPhone 4 adhesive pad. This enables the MultiSenor to attach to the special Oleophobic coating on the back of the iPhone 4 - a coating that normal adhesives won't attach to.

For extra security, vGuard has developed the Gripper for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

These clear, lightweight, polycarbonate Grippers are specially designed for each model and feature cutouts for the camera lens and buttons to allow customers to interact with all of the features of the phone.

When using in high risk environments, they can be extra secured with a HS MultiSensor - a flexible, conduit covered cable with MultiSensor, instead of a Recoiler and Standard MultiSensor.

For more information on the Gripper click here

14-Oct-2010 - New Distributor - South Africa

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vGuard China is pleased to announce the appointment of PointZero as distributor for South Africa. PointZero have been working with display solutions and designs of retail concepts for many important brands in South Africa since 1995 . For further information about vGuard products in South Africa contact PointZero

01-Jul-2010 - New Product - Laser 16

vGuard is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product, Laser 16. Laser 16 provides alarm security for up to 16 products, utilising the wide range of Laser Sensors. Laser 16 replaces Laser 6, 9 and 12 and includes a whole host of new features over its predecessors. More information coming soon.

27-Jun-2010 - 3D Glasses - vGuard develops a secure display solution

3D TV is the latest development in home entertainment, be ready to secure and display 3D TVs and accessories with the latest products from vGuard. Each 3D TV requires a pair of special 3D glasses to enable the viewer to enjoy the full 3D experience. vGuard China, in partnership with 30/70 (a display design and production specialist in Slovakia) has developed a range of new solutions for displaying, securing and charging 3D glasses. The 3D glasses solution is based on the existing vGuard Recoiler, with an added Recoiler Brake designed to increase the return friction – slowing the pull back of the Recoiler. This allows the glasses to be secured, but also allowing the customer to try the glasses on and experience the 3D effect, without having the glasses pulled from their face by the Recoiler. For more information contact your nearest vGuard distributor or contact vGuard China direct .

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