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The World's Leading Manufacturer of retail loss prevention solutions products

Zhuhai Well Guard Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing retail loss prevention solutions to a wide selection of retail industries such as fashion, consumer electronic, pharmaceutical and libraries. vGuard® is our Brand. We manufacturers and export top quality EAS systems and accessories to Europe and the U.S.A. Our EAS systems excel in perfect detection of both EAS hard tags and EAS soft labels .They are all microprocessor controlled and designed using the latest technology.Our priorities are perfect quality and high level technical support. vGuard® assists retailers worldwide in securely placing expensive, fully functional consumer electronics in the hands of shoppers, providing a positive experience resulting in increased SALES.
This is accomplished through visually pleasing components that non-obtrusively secure displayed merchandise in retail and exhibit settings. The displays allow customers to interact with charged, fully-functional electronics and enable the relay of product features and benefits via interactive digital media screens, enhancing the buying experience.
vGuard® is committed to delivering the best consumer shopping experience, best product quality, best service and support at the best value.

vGuard® Global is a leading innovator and develops retail display security systems that drive sales and reduce shoplifting. Through such revolutionary products as the first detachable sensor, universal claw and our alarm-Charge Power and Alarm system, vGuard has set the bar high, providing the best products at the greatest value with the most comprehensive support.

Anti-theft Display Mecchdise Recoiler pull box

Anti-theft Display Mecchdise Recoiler pull box

Item Number:vG-PB094

This reel can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us. The box can be fixed on the table top / back of display cabinet by screw or adhesive tape.More...

Mobilep Phone alarm security display stand

Item Number:vG-STA47s01

Alarm security solution suitable for mobile phone or MP3, Mp4, GPS etc handheld electronic items. Sensor switches secure the MultiSensor to the rear of the product, and current sensing technology activates the alarm if any cable is cut or removed.More...

Mobilep Phone alarm display stand

Item Number:vG-STA83s21

STA83s21 Series security display stand for SLR Camera with alarm functionMore...

Acrylic Security display stand for Ipad+ Iphone / Tablet PC Crystal Display Dock

Item Number:vG-STA83s21

Our new Apple Store Security Display Dock duplicates the look of the Apple Store display while providing a convenient storage space for your iPad and Iphone. In addition to the iPad , the dock also contains an upright docking station for holding an iPhone or iPod touch. Now you can dock your iPad and iPhone just like the professionals do at the Apple Store. The new iPad Display Dock is designed out of high-quality clear acrylic and provides the optimum viewing angle for your iPad while also docking your iPhone (or iPod).More...

Security Alarm Display Stand for iPad IPad mini iPad air, tablet PC

Item Number:vG-STA92s12

The Security Alarm display Stand can be used for display of digital products such iPad iPad2-iPad4 iPad5 IPad mini iPad air, tablet PC,MP4,GPS, ebook, etc. It's made up of in-bult alarm device, alarm probe, display rack, etc. It's installed on the display rack or counter. The alarm probe is stuck to the display product with 3m tape. The client can conveniently take off the display product from the rack and freely test and operate the display product functions. If the client wants to take away the display product, the alarm device will immediately give out the continuous alarm sound until the management staff reset it with remote control.More...

Retail Security Display Slatwall Locking Hooks,Pegboard Hooks

Item Number:vG-HK103

Display hooks can only display product and are without any provision for labels or signs. Scanning hooks have mounts for label and sign holders allowing the posting of product and promotional information. There are a wide variety of different label holder systems for Scan Hooks, each with its own benefits. Beyond basic Display and Scan Hooks are a host of specialty fixtures including J- hooks, Utility and Broom Hooks, Pin-up Hooks, Strip Merchandisers and more for wall and shelf edge product display.More...

Multi ports Security Display Controller with Alarm and Charge Features

Item Number:vG-SDC017

Multi-ports Security Display Controller with Alarm and Charge Features protects and charges 4pcs,6pcs,8pcs or 10pcs mobile phones or computers(Ipad/IPhone,Samsung,tablets,laptops,cameras, MP3/MP4, PDA, GPS and so on) at the same time,including 4-10pcs alarm sensors,widely used in the digital products stores. More...

EAS Mini Super Hard Tag (sensormatic locking) EAS security Tag

Item Number:vG-HT036C

It's compatible with any of your existing 58KHz AM detectors systems, SuperTag hand and power detachers, all SuperTag tacks, plus Versaties and other accessories. So it lets you make the most of your existing security investment. The Super Tag is not compatible with Sensormatic Microwave anti theft systems or Checkpoint 8.2MHzMore...

Mechanical anti-theft Retractor Security pull box, Recoiler

Item Number:vG-PB098

Use For Merchandise An-shoplisfting Display Merchandise Recoilers, Pull Box, Pullbox , Pullboxes, Pull Box Recoilers, Pull Box Recoiler, Merchandise Recoiler, Tether Systems, Recoiler Loss Prevention, Anti-shoplifting, Retractable Cable. This is a small reel suitable for table top displays. For the situations there won't be very high requirement on cable retraction force, this would be the most economical choiceMore...

Aluminium Mobile PhoneSecurity Display Alarm Stand holder shelf

Item Number:vG-STA83s36

vG-STA83s36 Security Display Stand series work alone security display stand, is specially designed for phone retail display in stores and exhibitons. Built-in rechargeable battery and enhanced buzzer, pass-word remote, dual-color work and alarm indication light secure your exhibits saferMore...

Cell Phone Intelligent Burglar Alarm Holder Retail Security display stand

Item Number:vG-STA48s00

Alarm security solution suitable for mobile phone or MP3, Mp4, GPS etc handheld electronic items. Sensor switches secure the MultiSensor to the rear of the product, and current sensing technology activates the alarm if any cable is cut or removed.More...

Round secure Retail Display Pull Box / Recoiler / Tether

Item Number:vG-PB103

This reel can work together with any end fitting or mounting base / holder (as shown on our website) from us. It can be installed to the confined space on the back of display cabinet. Fixing can be made by screw or adhesive tape. Box is made of ABS plastic, with stainless steel cable winding onto the reel inside. For cable end exits, you can select middle / side exit. There is a stable & invariable retraction force for the cable. .More...

Last Modified : 2014 - 12 - 18
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